Hi I'm new!

Hi guys,

My name is Marco and I joined the community a couple of days ago. I am a filmmaker from the Netherlands by profession and although I’ve had no musical training and cannot read notes, I do like to compose music in my spare time. I thought I’d introduce myself here and ask for some advice on my journey to get that first approval!

Speaking of which, my first upload The sound of the Eighties didn’t get one. Not too much to worry about because I didn’t expect it to be accepted anyway.

However, I do have two more tracks which in my opinion stand a much better chance at being approved. I’m very interested to hear your comments and any suggestions you may have are very much appreciated.

Inspiring Memories
Positive Vibes

Do keep in mind that upon uploading it to AJ I will include shorter versions in the range of 30, 60 and 90 seconds approximately.

Thanks for your time, I am very excited to get started and would love to hear what you guys think!

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Welcome to the team and Good luck.

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