Hi, I'm looking for a...

Hi, my name is Oskar and I’m looking for a Wordpress template (or web template) that anyone can register and create his own online store (music, photo files) inside the main site. For example , I am a music producer and I like to create my own library of tracks, I want to sell and any user (registered) can buy it.

The best example can be houseoftracks.com, where anyone can sell his own tracks.

If you can help my, please, reply this post.


Search TF for ‘Digital Marketplace’ and this will give you what you need.

Bear in mind if you plan to profit from other people’s sales e.g. they pay you a fixed fee or a % of sales from ‘their online store’ then you will need an extended license which is likely to be several thousand $ so you may wish to consider hiring someone to custom develop something http://studio.envato.com

Thank you so much for the reply. About the money of sales in the website, you mean that I (as business) have to pay an ‘extra’ license to the for example, the developer of the template? and Why told me that I should consider to take a custom develop? Do you think that a custom develop is cheaper than pay an extra license?

If you have time, can you explain me a little bit more about this? Thank you.

You’ll find everything about licenses here. Basically, you cannot use an item bought under Regular License in an end product that’s sold to end users. In your case, the end product is a service, and the service is sold to your customers for a fixed fee (participation in your marketplace) or for a % from their sales. For this you need an Extended License.

Still, I don’t think that you will find someone to develop such an online marketplace from scratch cheaper than purchasing the EL for a WordPress theme.

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Exactly that! :wink:

Okey guys, I’m getting in the theme but for example, if in the market we have 10 music producers who make make 1 track each one (10 tracks) I’m (as a bussines) have to buy 10 different licenses for each track?

*Important thing: When a buyer buy the track, automatically get the rights (split with the original producer), the track will be removed and he can make whatever he wants.

You (the business) own the website and can sell items on their as a regular shop using an normal license.


Let’s say I want to open up my own mini-store on your site or even just sell my own items via your site… If I have to pay anything to do this e.g. give you a % of sales of my items or pay you a fixed fee to be allowed to sell my items on your website then you need an extended license.

Basically If people need to pay to access/sell on/use a site or a shop, you need an extended license. If it’s just an ecommerce site that anyone can access and use for free, you’re fine with a regular license.