Hi, I'm looking for a new news site that can match my existing news site

Hi, I’m looking for a new news site that can match my existing news site
Previous news site wordpres,
I have a problem with quick opening, so I’ll change
sometimes it can take up to 10 seconds to open a new page.

https://www.capakcurgazetesi.com.tr/ see from your mobile phone if the mobile version is your theme kabu I get page opening speed does not exceed 1 second theme I need

thank you in advance, I will be waiting for your suggestions

The exact theme isn’t Envato market WordPress theme.
Here you can get Envato market wordpress theme

I looked from there, I don’t know if it fits my current mobile system
I found one I liked
I need to be able to transfer my news archive as it is
so I opened a forum
mobile Google stereo is available
my mobile system must be a Thema that doesn’t break down.
I’ll find it hard from there, but I’ll look again

I can help you out with my top notch services & solutions but it’s going to be against a paid budgeted work.

Please drop me an email and share full details so that i can proceed with the work by making the wordpress site same like your existing site. .

dollar is too high in my country
If your price is normal, I will

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Hi. I can help you. Write me on my profile.