Hi, I would like to know what the problem is. Help me.



hi for me this is all about the typo indeed, this is not only flat and failing to combine well fonts but honestly the typo and illustration part are not matching indeed


Thanks for the answer!
Please prepare a detailed material for the preparation of the logo for sale. An article that is very simple and does not reveal details. This is a requirement but not a guide to action.


I’m a bit confused on what you’re asking for. I supplied you with a detailed article about what is required for logo template submissions in another thread, but it wasn’t what you wanted?

I understand that English isn’t your first language, which is perfectly fine, but it does make understanding you a little difficult.


Dmitry, u have to identify this , “generic pieces of advice” this is not worth the drive, we tried to help u to get to know what to fix about your items, which is way better, but , yes , if we tell u to rework the typo, for instance, we cannot do for u, in this case, u need to test on your own, combine fonts and so on and judge by yourself what is working