hi i want help :( Bugs in Plaxer WordPress theme

Hi, I need some help with my theme. i have brought a theme around 23 days ago i have contacted envato theme support but no reply till now. i have faced a big issue i have brought a theme plaxer and have bugs and also some features are not there i want refund but till not nobdy have given me response the Plaxer theme doesn’t have a account creation page which a most import feature in a ecommerce and gaming theme and also have bugs with woocomerce placeholders and some blocks stuck sometimes like save button doesn’t work and some pages loads as raw html. i don’t know what to do i have a very bad experience with envato this is my first time that i have brought a theme from envato and this happened :frowning:
i have also request Autor for refund he is declining saying errors are not related to their theme but i have shared screenshots too that errors are coming while importing theme into WordPress. Need help let me know if there is anyone who can help me with this.


I just would like to encourage you to be in close contact with the author and ask for support from the aouthor of the theme. A friend of mine has a theme from the same author (theme Mato) and we have a really good experience with supporting and the theme itself. In the meantime we also changed the hosting provider - it has not been a theme related issue - and the theme is super fast as well, so we had a really good experience with the author.
Having problems ocassionaly with saving and page loads you mentioned can be cache and/or CDN and/or poor hosting provider related and/or internet connection related problems as well.
I am sure you have gone through a lot of things by now, but still, solving problems might need more patience even from us, buyers, but at the end of the day it still pays off.
I guess that you have been impressed by the theme this is why you have choosen it, so I really encourage you to give yourself a chance and go through your problems step by step with the author. And if the problem is really not theme related as you mentioned, just ask the author for pointing you what to change.
And of course you also have the choice to ask for a refund as you have just mentioned it. I would like to help you with providing you the official info regarding refunds if you need it:
https://themeforest.net/page/customer_refund_policy and https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460-Can-I-Get-A-Refund- and https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/209980383

I just wanted to let you know all about my experience here and let you know that people and even customers do try to help here :slight_smile: I am a member here for eleven years now and as a buyer I am still here :slight_smile:

I really hope you just find your way. Sometimes it takes more time to get response from Envato and please keep in mind that The Envato office will be closed from Dec 23 - Jan 4. See this thread for more details. (This notice can be seen at the very top of the page)

I wish you all the best!

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hi sorry but i use TMD hosting and on the same hosting plan i also have 2 more website on the same hosting cPanel and all are working fine and also i am a web developer this is not my first website. i know cache can cant create problem like stucking whole page or creating errors by the i have already tried in incognito tab too and as you said all the errors are because of hosting then for letting you know i am on my vps hosting with premium plan and 2 other website are working very perfectly and for space i already have a lot of space left with ram too. As a developer i know which errors are by theme and which are by hosting i can properly diffentiate between these also i have already contacted author through support too he said thanks for contacting us but we cant help you in these errors and also they said we don’t have account creation page but on the theme page they haven’t mentioned anywhere in the theme introduction that they don’t have account creation page. they have only mentioned cons only but i think they have to mentioned these things also.

If the author declined the refund request, you can raise a dispute (please check the refund page, there should be a link). Make sure to clearly point to all the issues (provide screenshots if necessary) so the Envato Help staff can see them. If the item doesn’t work as described, you are definitely entitled for a refund.

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i have already mentioned before that i have raised a dispute and its been over 19 days and no reply from them only one reply that my ticket is registered that’s all