hi i need help or opinion, how is my logo lacking?

The logo should be more concise and contain an interesting idea. At the moment, this is just a pictogram or illustration. But this is definitely not a logo yet

hi I think that there is a rather cool concept but that there are some things to improve indeed. the fact of the matter is that, as far as the global style goes, the logo is a little bit detailed indeed and that details are being flattened when the logo is considered in small size like what happens here , so that the logo is slightly losing a bit interest indeed. BTW this is true that the logo gets a bit flattened in one color version, if u ask me. Then, I would like to evoke what looks like the most major problem for me at this stage. This is that , according to me, there is a real discrepancy of style between the illustration part and the text one. The illustration between rather made of rounded parts when the text one is most importantly based on stick font, so that there is not a complete harmony resulting from this combination. For me this is also wrong to flag the text in the middle for the horizontal version indeed. This makes u be confronted with imbrication problem more than any other thing. besides, imbrication could also be improved slightly, in my view, by drawing both parts closer from each other, since, at this stage, this is lookin like u have a spacing issue between diverse elements (illustration , company name and tag line)