Hi i am facing problem while replying to a comment that buyers are posting on my products

i am facing problems while replying to comments on my product as author
i have tried on different browser

you can try again with clear browser cache.
Seems to me you have write your reply then without submit you have tried to leave the page or close the page.

When i click on “Reply” after writing a comment it asks me to leave the page

have you tried with clear browser cache!

If you are using an ad blocker in your browser, try to deactivate it temporarily. Some blockers block also page redirections after submit. In Firefox it happens to me too when the uBlock Origin addon is enabled.

yes i have tried by clearing browser cache, by changing browser

Actually its happening whenever i tried to post comment from author dashboard

I have logged into fresh browser you can check in my 1st screenshot there is no extension installed… i think its a programming bug.

today I have replied many times in my item comments and all is fine here. I am not sure may be any blocking add-ons or firewall are doing issues.

Thanks, if i again faced this problem i will record a video for you