Hi guys, need your opinion about the track. (ready to upload)

Hi guys, im finished with my new track - an “Inspiring Trailer”

Need your opinion on it.

The whole idea is a commercial atmosphere, like car ad, university and etc.

My own opinion is that the intro might sound way to “minimalistic” for AJ standarts - but thats the main idea about the track - perfect place to do a voiceover

Am i the only one who clicked on the green play button, then realise the page is still loading?
Xa-xa, nice track by the way. For future projects i’m gonna buy some kind of that music.
It’s perfect for video previews. I like to show my projects in video, independently they are created in Photoshop.
My profile will provide only photoshop actions that turns photos in animations with extra effects. So i should present a video preview accompanied with nice music. You can offer me to buy some for my future projects :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Well, i think its pretty nice. Reviewers will have their final verdict, though:)