Hi guys. need your help. Hard rejection

Overall sounds good!
But add my IMHO
0:11-0:12 etc - Too fast plate(Crash, Reverse Crash). You did not pay enough attention to this minor, but important part of the Epic music. Then you repeat begin part. You had to start here from 0:22.
In fact, the first 40 seconds is an introduction with almost identical parts. I think it should not be.

Starting from 1:18, I really like the intro of a solo and the epic really is off the scale! And that’s great!
But as it seems to me, in the next part you have lost sight of a strong solo! :flushed:
Just like the creator of the soundtrack for the game CRYSIS 3 :grin:
Anything like that?:

In general, good luck to you!

Thanks for the detailed opinion, I will surely give all this attention. :slightly_smiling_face: