Hi guys! I recently received a hard reject.=(( I am very interested to hear your opinion! Thank You!!!


Hi friend,
I think it is about your mixing. Sound not as good balance. The background drum, guitar, and other are mono feel and low level (need more louder). It have a little muddy in low mid too.
This is the new track in your style that i found on the catalog.

Hi! Thank you for your opinion! This is very useful for me!!!=))) I’ll work on my mistakes !!!

Hi there! Have to agree with @LongXmusic. I hear almost non of low and mid, and there is too much high freqs. I like your idea and melody, btw. You just need to mix it right. Here is my pasta lol.
There is some trick with EQ that can help you to compete with stuff on the market.
Check it out “youtu(dot)be/1XNPJqQ_4NM”. You can do that with other EQs. Try to do that with some tracks that similar to yours.
Don’t forget you are mixing for people with cheap dynamics. They hear a lot of high freqs and not enough of low and mid, thats why most of the mixes here sounds really weird.
Good luck! I guess your track worth a shot for mixing redone, it’s sounds nice. Try to reupload it after your changes.

Hi!! Thank You for the advice with matching EQ! I think it’s cool tool=))