hi friends say something about this template?

please somebody help me how can i approve my template in graphic river.
this my new item. tel somthing about the logo. if there are any wrong please tell me which part i have need two improve?

While this is better than your previous attempt it is still quite similar and you need to be careful about not trying to resubmit something too close to previously hard rejected items


hi I am sorry to say just this but I do not see where u have been making the most of all our comments to improve your logos … basically enough u come up with the same kind of logo, just gave the previous one another inclination , period … u still have the same contrast problems which lead u to be confronted with extra problems of hierarchy, readability and impact. the typo is still super flat and having no real relief indeed, since this is still lacking variations, font combinations and touches of originality. Apart from this, u still have the same discrepancy between the illustration and the text part. Why not choosing something more rounded as used typo when u have a rounded symbol like this to accompany ? the imbrication is though better than in your former tries, which is goodwill done , for this :slight_smile:

thanks a lot to give me the helpful advice.

bro next i will try to improve my typo. please give me some direction how can i improve my typo. whats i have need to follow to improve my typo. please tell me some way to improve my typo.

not difficult just make sure that the typo and the illustration match more , and try to bring some originality to the table