Hi Everyone, once refunded item after 3 weeks later showing in the customer account?

Hi Everyone, once refunded item after 3 weeks later showing in the customer account?

Please can you check the attached screenshot. Marked item still showing in the customer profile.

He was purchased marked template first time.
After refund he was again purchased html version. Today he was sent support request for new purchase related. So i have seen still showing refunded item.

Please this is correct or anything is wrong ?

The team is not here. Send a ticket

Updated. We are looking for forum members answers.


You can see in your screenshot that the item purchased 24 days ago but Support Expired. It is because the customer purchased your item but received a refund and the purchase code got invalid and support has gone.


But html template not required any license.This case he is also available download latest updated version.
This case some users possible to download refund items also.

When approved refund after why don’t remove item related access and item from customer account ?

HML template is Under supported and the purchase code is valid for that customer. So, customer can download the latest version for lifetime.

No, there is no chance to download because:
Remember, once refund has been processed, Customer’s right to use, download and rate the item is revoked.

So. Once refund approved item not required to show in the customer account.

the screenshot you shared is the customer purchased history (to display for author) not the customer’s download page.

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But Refund related information not showing. Incase this is showing that is clear understanding to author.

logically you are right. But don’t worry! because customer download, support, and purchase code all are revoked. Just my personal opinion the refund tag/info not showing so that authors don’t think negatively when customers ask for support for another item from the same author. You can contact author support and tell them if they can work on it with the dev team so that refunded item(s) do not display on the customer’s purchase history or at least show a refunded tag.

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Thank you for your answer.

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Please how to proceed to update related this refund information needed to author. Please forward to related team.

You can open a envato Author support ticket and let them know.