Hi Everyone Envato maktet is best others marketing Online Plateform

Hi Friends, envato is best others marketin g online platform, But one individual man handwork working 8 month after that reply envato market undetectable, after that author harmfully sad, that your item not received?

Listen, nobody is interested how many months you’ve spent on your item and still got rejected. There are many authors who got rejected after months and months of hard work. Me included. The only thing what matters is quality of your item.

So you can either continue to spam this forum with meaningless, broken-english comments and get banned sooner or later, or try to improve your skills. The best thing you can do right now is to share your rejected item and hear out any constructive feedback you will receive from the community.

Pro tip: improve your English. Seriously, even with great items in your portfolio you will have a hard time achieving success if you won’t be able to communicate with your buyers.

Do you really have any doubt in my English, I am sincerely sorry to you, if there is no Asubidha from me, sir, if a person who continuously from 8 months to be working to get something, and Your workout is not an appropriate for us to find the answers?

I am sorry. I guess this is what you want to hear:

That’s absolutely unfair! How they dare to reject the item on which you’ve spent 8 months??? It definitely should be approved! It doesn’t matter if it is good enough or not, the only thing what matters is how long it took you to develop it. They should add a new field in submit form where you can set how many months (or years) it took you to create it. Items with less than three months of development time will be automatically rejected.

Now seriously. Reviewing process here is far from ideal, and it is true that if you won’t pass certain quality level you get only very vague rejection message which can be very frustrating. But with hard work and dedication everybody can make it.

I’ve already told you several times, but I will try for one last time: If you want to learn what’s wrong with your item, share it here in the forums. There are many great community members who will be happy to give you some feedback.