Hi every one! Peace I need help!

Hello! I have reject to this item! Cam you help me why?!

Hi Roman, I can’t help much because I think your track is great. Nice mix, nice build-ups, good length intro and a good overall length. I think it’s happy without being cheesy and it’s got a good strong beat. It’s quirky, sure, but not in any way weird. Perhaps the only thing about it I can think of is that, although it has that nicely composed break, it does start to get a little bit repetitive by the end. Also, I might dial that clap down a little bit. It’s a bit loud when it’s on it’s own. I’m by no means an expert in this style of music, so perhaps one of AJ’s EDM artists might have better advice for you, but I would buy your track.

Very sad when I see “hard rejected” for such work. I have nothing to say let it be on the conscience of the reviewers.

Well, I’m not sure, but I think which is, like, really cool !!!