hi every one i submit item and reject ?

hi every one i submit item and reject from codecanyon can any one tell his review about the main reasons for reject my project ?

this is my project links : https://cmsprojectdemo.000webhostapp.com/
and the admin panel : https://cmsprojectdemo.000webhostapp.com/login
login username: admin@admin.com

How is your CMS better than all of the other free CMS platforms available on the internet?

could you declare your points of preview

CodeCanyon only accepts premium items, so if there are free alternatives out there which do exactly what your item does, then you will want to add many unique features. And if it has less features than free alternatives without any innovation, it definitely won’t be accepted as a premium item.

CMS is a tough competition to get into and there are many products out there which are free and have years upon years of open source development.

So, if your answer to my previous question is “it is not”, then that’s probably why it was rejected.

my dear baileyherbert i used ajax functions in all or most plugins in my project and can make it fast and can auto sort the slides in admin panel by drag and drop and most of this makes the functions is very fast

You can not decide for a customer!
Maybe a software would be less features, but is simple and it would be useful for the user to work.

With respect, I am not deciding anything for customers. It was a rhetorical question solely for the purpose of helping to understand Envato’s quality standard.

People always ask what the “requirements” are for CodeCanyon. This isn’t really something that can be answered, because while there may be core requirements (such as “a php script must not have security vulnerabilities like XSS or SQL injection”), there is also the quality requirement which depends on similar items already for sale in the marketplace.

If you submit an item, and there are already 10 others that do the same thing but better, CodeCanyon is likely not going to accept your item - that is their quality standard. Of course, that doesn’t mean all rejections are because of this. There can be other reasons as well.