hi, doubt in wordpress

Hi i have some doubt in wordpress

Hi @entrustranking,

Would you be able to elaborate? Someone may be able to help if you can give more info on what doubts or problems you’re having.

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Hi, Thanks for reply. i have purchased the theme and install my word press project.
All plugin has been installed success as well as theme. When i am installing the theme it is not showing as same as theme. Kindly revert me back with a solution.

No WP theme will look the same as the demo unless you have installed demo content (even then some assets or images may not be included).

Check the theme documentation.

I went through the document and import all document , still it is not showing as theme design

What exactly is different? Can you share a link here to your website and the demo?

Thanks for reply

Its done

The theme is build by wp backery

can i convert to elementor

Will it affect on website?

Depending on the theme you might be able to use elementor for new pages but what’s there will not be immediately editable using it

edit with backery is not showing in front end


It’s very difficult to advise without seeing the website. your best option is to ask the author https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/203039054-How-to-contact-an-author

Hi, Thank for reply

Here is the website URL


I am unable to edit header and footer

i got header and footer section, but i did not find to change the content.of website

Please contact the author fo the theme for support: