Hi Dears

How is it This Design…

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hi u have a lot of issues to deal with. First of all about coherence, the dominating color is blue and a green is appearing out of the blue in the center … no harmony is resulting from it …

the global organisation of texts has to be redone all the way , in my view, as the typo is flat in a general way , there are mistakes about spacing and interletter space, about introducing a block that looks massive and not aesthetic at all. The colors of texts is not contrasting with the background.

the image in the mask is not placed properly , the black thing on top of it looks not good and come out of nowhere so to speak …
besides the mask is strange for the kind of theme that u have , this is not something about technology , so why this shape in particular?

the icons are too ridiculously small for a big format like this , if this is for them not to be seen, then no need to introduce them in the end …

Nice Design,
Wonderful hard working style.
Not much issue are such as described in the comments.

LOL well u have to be kidding right? or u are his brother? lol

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Dear honey!
I am not his real brother,
But its my habit to appreciate the good working anyone. I don’t like to degrade the efforts any user.


this is not the issue to disparage someome else 's work. I guess only bad people would do this and be happy about it , anyways … but if u ask me , not telling teh truth to people is not necessarily the best way to help them either …
in this case in particular u may like what have been done, this is your right, for sure … but saying that this is a “very hard working style” is much of an overstatement as regard to the rather minimalistic style there is here and for me this is taking out the credit of what u are saying in the end … so, in short, this is not something that will push forward this fellow author … pointing out good things and things to improve too is the best middle way if u ask me …


OK Dear!
I can understand you, and your thoughts. Everybody has its own style to convey the message to others.
Love you, Dear. I am not worried about your statements. I am really so happy because you said something good or Bad about my opinions.
Best of Luck.

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peace buddy :slight_smile: have a nice day