Hi, could you give me some feedback? African music


This submission does not meet our commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and our commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately.

Do not understand!

Thank you,

Nylons on keyboard is a risky business. To muck midi-sounding overall.

Yes, the production is really a problem. The sounds are very midi, unpleasant, plasticky and a bit on the sharp side. There is no warmth which you would expect in this type of music. Also, from around 1 min the track starts slogging along and gets into a bad 80ies vibe.

Overall, some nice ideas in there but needs a lot of work to compete. Good luck!

I really like the vibe, and chord changes…I think the gap is production side, maybe since it’s African style you could try to add more percussions, to have that Savana ambient, there are good libraries out there. If you use Logic X, plenty of nice African drum layers. i.e
After that yes, the nylon guitar is too midi, why not replace it with marimba or other instruments more in the context? just a thought…
Mix wise, then you’ll create more ambience and depth…the ending is abrupt
I hope it helps!!
good luck!

Hi @Songideas
For me, very simple and weak sound
I like what this guy doing in a such style: https://audiojungle.net/collections/6235976-african .Maybe his tracks give you some inspiration and good for reference :slight_smile:
Good Luck. :+1:

Thank you all for your help. I’ll follow your advice!
I have a question, I have left the lufs on -13
And true peak at -0,3 because when converted to mp3, it has a variation and can be let at 0 can saturate.
What do you guys recommend?

Thank you