Hi, can someone tell me why my design rejected?

Im create an infographic and been rejected without a reason. Can someone guide me. Im newbee here. Thank you

I can’t imagine how an infographic would belong on themeforest

Share the demo/preview of what you submitted here

What makes you think that the rejection was without a reason? :face_with_monocle:

am i submit at wrong place?

here is my artwork.

they didnt tell any cause. Just say not a quality product. So i dont know where the mistake are

Is it just a static graphic?

This definitely is not one for Themeforest. I would think this goes on Graphicriver https://graphicriver.net/infographics

That said I also think you have quite a bit of work to do in improving it:

  • Generally, it is a bit basic and lacks the premium uniqueness/versatility etc. to compete
  • Typography is weak (FYI Javascript is one word)
  • Icons are not consistently the same size
  • The spacing around the content (which also feels oversized) in each segment needs work

Thank you so much Charlie for your comment. Im glad hearing all those word. I will improve my skill time by time. Thank you my brother :grinning: