hi can anybody tell me whats wrong with this track

hello !

i’ve had another copy paste rejection.

just wondering if anyone has any comments on this track because ive got alot of songs and won’t get any real feedback from the gatekeepers.

It is a very experimental track. There are lots of ideas and this isn’t a good thing for media music. We should compose music in certain themes which buyers can choose the ones suits their projects. They are actually looking for a background music which can support their own projects. I mean our music is not a subject here.
Except that I can give some perceptible feedbacks. :smile:

  • That hssh sound is a bit disturbing.
  • That bright lead sound is also incompatible.
  • It can be more repetitive. Four minutes track is not useful for commercial. Instead, make shorter versions and seamlessly loop versions.

Waiting for the new ones. Keep composing and uploading!

hi thanks for listening !!! and thanks for your comments, i uploaded a full version, a two minute version, a one minute version and a 30 second version hoping this would be ok so its probably more to do with the overall sound ?
do you mean the hssh hi hat sound or the riser at the beginning?

how should i proceed now do i try to make it better and reupload (they are saying i can’t submit again) or try to upload it to another site like pond 5 ? or just move on? sorry for all the questions.

its a shame the reviewers spend time copy and pasting rather than giving a short reason because they must have something in mind.

i’ve got another track that hits 18 days tomorrow so wish me luck !!

  • I mean that off beat hssh sound
  • I have never tried to resubmit my rejected items and I suggest you to forget about the previous ones and make new music. Also get used to rejections. If they accept low quality tracks, then we can’t improve ourselves and the market wouldn’t be attractive for customers.

Good luck!

this track just got rejected aswell.

Your first one is nice I think and not totally wrong, but you play the synth lead bouncy melody too long (constantly) I think. That gets annoying after a while. Make an earlier break and stop this lead for a while. Then come back with it. And yes make the whole track shorter.
Good luck!