Hi audiojungle authors, just for those who are interested...

I have this videohive template, unfortunately the track was removed and I’m not sure why.
Anyone who’s interested in replacing the track? https://videohive.net/item/metal-stinger/15784029

I’ll update the video with your track and of course the links inside the template and description. But of course once the track has been approved on audiojungle.

Music track should be identical, in tempo, length and theme, as in in this videohive template preview, but of course doesn’t need to be exact in key and effects… Let me know! Thank you


Count me in, brother!

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Nice work dehannb! Clean!

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thank you

I have a whole collection for you to choose from:

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Cool template, may this one?

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You can use this one if you want
Also you can choose from my portfolio

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@dehannb, Congratulations for your work.

Our team can create a track specially made for your video. We will keep the time, the key markings, everything that is important for the video to be perfect. We can approve the new track idea first with you, then post it to AJ to validate. If you are interested, please contact us via email or inbox.

Thekingtracks team.

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this is awesome man, I will note this for future stingers… thanks for your help

man, there’s a lot of nice tracks to choose from…

checking now… thank you

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this is cool, thanks for sharing, I’ll use this soon, just needed a short track to match the template I mentioned.

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nice, love the track, will note this one. Thanks man

Yes, exactly what I’m looking for, same time, tempo… yes please… sounds fun man. Will wait for it. Thanks!

We will do this production then. Would you like to add some more information, a short briefing? We’ll be working on this track in the next few days, please let me know via your email direct and send me a link when the work is done.

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Hi, just to be clear, we’re doing the music track for the current video template that is here: https://videohive.net/item/metal-stinger/15784029

The metal track has been removed, so customers would like to purchase one but it’s unavailable now. Because the videohive template only works with that metal track. Was hoping to have the exact same thing, just in different key or something. This will help both of us in terms of sales.

I think you can message me directly here on my profile

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Ok, I’m already doing the work.

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Hello! could you help me? Two of my tracks are rejected, I want to download the third, but I’m afraid that it may not work either.

Please listen and tell me your opinion: here is the link

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