Hey what does a "12 month" support sale look like in the statement CSV file?



Hey can someone please take a screenshot of a 12 month support sale from the statement csv file ( i.e. this one http://themeforest.net/statement/2015-09.csv )

Just need to know if it’s a new line item (or two?) or just a change of text from “6” to “12”.

I thought I got a 12 month but haven’t. Trying to update dashboard plus extension to better support these additional support entries in the CSV file.



This is from one sale (#17131175)


6 lines. that’s incredible.


Yeah, I think there should be a condensed and expanded version of the statement. One with all those lines (exapnded) and one that simply says: Earning 30$, Taxes: 15$


They are going to modify it in next week.


cheers dbp updated https://github.com/dtbaker/dashboard-plus/commit/965f6e5e0212e11288c9171150ece95b704793a1