[ Hey Web Design Makers ] -- im trying to buy this, please make it, it's the best cleanest design on the ENTIRE WEB

it’s the best cleanest design on the ENTIRE WEB

[ Hey Web Design Makers - FOCUSED ON ACTUALLY GOOD UX ] – please recommend a basic, CLEAN DESIGN in 2017

please recommend a visual design, template, theme, etc. that has the TITLE of the article, video, HELPFUL CONTENT, etc. AS THE FIRST THING YOU SEE

nothing else should be at top

please link to a perfect example of a visual design that fits the basic need of the question in the OP?
clean, not shiitty, design is a basic thing, we’re in 2017 already

  • i’ll be happy to give any feedbacks :slight_smile:

hey how can i design my website page layout kindly tell me briefly:)

like this – https://internetingishard.com/html-and-css/responsive-design/

or https://www.smashingmagazine.com/

ill get more examples in the future

Hello makealldesignclean,

I see what you need, I love the design of https://internetingishard.com/html-and-css/responsive-design/, unfortunately most themes available here are built to support multiple requirements. The best way to get the clean look you want would be to take an existing design you like and remove the stuff you don’t like.

Feel free to ping me from my profile page contact form(https://themeforest.net/user/eigerthemes) if you have any further questions

if things are made ‘to support multiple requirements’ – then there should be a ‘press me for clean design’ option

if it doesn’t, then a theme doesn’t support this one