Hey! Videohivers, tell us your beloved Audiojunglers


Videohivers needs Audiojunglers and Audiojunglers needs VIdeohivers.
Videohivers tell us your beloved Audiojunglers, why you prefer there tracks for your projects
and help the (not so) beloved Audiojunglers be better…


I’m not a Videohiver but I think I can make an educated guess as to why some tracks have become massively popular on VH. First of all of course because they work, they are proven great tracks that help to bring in VH sales. Exactly why they are great I leave to others to explain, I just want to point out why other just as great tracks never gain VH momentum. It’s because VH authors don’t want to spend their time wading through the AJ stuff that DON’T work for them. I would guess in most cases VH authors get inspired by other top selling VH items and when they sit down to create their templates they quickly figure out they could JUST AS WELL use the very same track as they already know is doing the job. There’s literally no limit how many times these tracks can be used and so it’s basically just a bad idea to go through the hassle of finding other similar tracks just for the sake of it. This is a “problem” only for AJ authors who “want in” on a moment 22 system that rewards previous merit over and over. Others couldn’t care less, right? Granted, this is not how every VH author reasons but there are plenty who simply want to save time.

So basically, it isn’t going to help an AJ author a whole lot to try and please the VH world by making excellent new tracks. VH authors won’t take the time to find them, and indeed why should they. I could even go further and ask if it is really in the VH buyers’ interest or even in Envato’s interest to distribute the VH/AJ purchasing patterns more evenly (or more fairly). Everything kind of rolls smoothly anyway with the 10-15 tracks we’ve all learned to love :wink:

Sorry to sound cynical about this but I’ve given it some thought over the two years since coming here and I’ve come to the conclusion that this situation is not likely to change any time soon. My advice would be to try and develop a new, relevant, fresh sound that (if it’s great enough) could take off on it’s own and possibly in the long run make the “old” stuff sound “old” enough that VH people start to switch it up. Copying what’s out there is only making matters worse. Hopelessly listening through 100s of similar sounding tracks, (and 1,000s of tracks that just don’t cut it) is typically what no one wants to do.

To promote cross-market activities beyond this “follow the leader” routine there would have to be new tools introduced that made it easier for VH authors to find what they need. Easier than searching and browsing. Easier than the obvious alternative of going with the same track as their competition. It’s a hard nut to crack.

That being said, I’m sure VH authors can give some general advice here about what makes a track work in the first place. Although I’m quite sure every project is specific and has it’s own specific style, mood, duration etc, the most obvious quality anyone would look for is a great sound and a solid production. Add different versions, intros, endings, and showcase your work in a video or VH template of your own. Ultimately you may provoke some attention.



SpaceStockFootage is my favourite AudioJungler for my VideoHive stuff. :smiley: