Hey Review Team, just relax! We (Authors) can do it ourselves

Because Theme Review Team is usually providing GENERAL feedback, so, to save the time for both Theme Review Team and Theme Authors (also save money for Envato Market), I have a suggestion:

Author: When your theme was rejected, please share the GENERAL FEEDBACK of reviewer here (if another author did not post the same feedback before).

Review Team: Answer: Which are the TOOLS or WAYS that you used to scan and inspect the theme to provide the above feedback.

Example: With “Similar Design” feedback, please share what is the tool that you used to find out the similar theme. The answer will help all authors can find those themes like that by themselves before submitting their themes.

We have no reason to keep those tools or ways as secrets, right? We don’t need to put fear on authors or get stress on review team, OK?

Note for Theme Authors: don’t spam, this thread is not for solving rejection problem of a certain theme, it is for changing the whole THEME REVIEW PROCESS with a new review layout (make author as reviewer).

Now, it’s time to make a better market for everyone.:rocket:


I hate GENERAL feedback. It’s lost time for both

Like for your idea

If you have a GENERAL feedback, please share here. Thank you.

While this does sound like a rather ideal solution I am not sure it is that simple.

  • The review process won’t rely on that many ‘tools’ and more on human expertise and experience.

  • No tool can replace an understanding of best practice.

  • No tool can replace the reviewers’ knowledge of the marketplace, what is already for sale and what works - which is where the “too similar” thing comes from.

  • Each and every file and author is unique as is there interpretation of feedback making any “General guidelines” hard and certainly beyond the scope of a tool as there is no “one size fits all” solution.

  • what tools exist for graphic designers and visual files? I.e. Anything other than a coded website?

Out of interest how is this different from all the threads about rejected items already here? Or is it that this idea just compiles them into one thread?

It’s a very nice idea and not saying the review system could not be improved but I fear the process is not that simple or automated, someone has to “make the call” and reviewers are all carefully chosen for the right reasons, and that this could actually serve to confuse people even more.


I do understand the whole " to similar" idea, but whenever a theme that sells really good appears, another 6-7 other almost identical themes emerge , and by identical I mean 90% identical . I can’t give any names because it’s against the rules, but everybody knows who they are. What I’m curious about is how does those themes pass the reviewer? They are literally not similar, they are identical.

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I do sympathies with what you mean - I do not know if it has any bearing on the situation but most of these are from the same people.

I know of a few very good authors who have had files rejected for being too close to others in their portfolio but their folios are not as big as these super themes which I am assuming you are referring to.

Maybe (and not saying it makes it right) if these are coming from the same author i.e. not ripping others, and each time adding some degree of new versatility or features into a very extensive theme framework then it makes it slightly more digestible.

We all know Review Team are relying Human Feeling. But if they are using any tool, just share. Or just tell about the common way that they usually use to review (ex: where will you start at beginning, what’s the most attractive part, my experience in searching bug, etc…). We only request them sharing what they can (even for graphic or visual if they have).

This thread is NOT a collection, we just want to try learning more about review team behavior. And we ain’t talking about improving review team, we are talking about improving verification resource for authors. And this will help us saving the time (for both authors and review team).

About “Similar Design”, it’s just an example. But when you say “Similar Design”, please at least provide a NAME, don’t just say “I feel”. You will answer that “I don’t remember but I feel it’s similar with a theme I reviewed before”. But how about if that old theme was removed or deleted?

Think: We are colleagues in a big company, we are working together to make everything better, so let’s talk.