Hey people who stealing my code :)

Hey Guys ,

From a country i dont want to mentionā€¦ You are top traffic on my html templates :frowning: But i am not happy cause there are rarely purchases from you guys.

I daily observe so many of you from different cities stealing my work, and copying my analytics code along my code, which shows me which sites you guys are working onā€¦

i know i cant stop you guys or hide my code, but i want to request remove my analytics code at least so i am not seeing you and not worried about it :slight_smile:


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Is it a request only to remove your code. Because you can even stop them by sending DMCA . If they are using your templates on separate domain then check the domain whois and send them DMCA or send DMCA to domain registrar.

I tried that once but i got nothing. And if i start worrying and chasing these things, its a full time job to handle these things and i cannot invest so much time in it. :slight_smile: