Hey Guys! I need your help - Why app stopped selling after one week?

I launched my call recorder app on 10th July. It was selling very good. But for the last two days it stopped being sold. Can you help how to continue good sales?

Looking forward your valuable reply.


Congrats on your new item and welcome to CodeCanyon! :tada:

As a fellow author, I would suggest that you keep releasing more items. Once you’re off the front page, the item is less exposed and sales can decrease. Releasing new items puts you back on the front page for a few days, which not only gets you sales on your new item, but gives more exposure to your old items again.

Other than that, there’s no tricks or secrets to getting continuously good sales. You can put a lot of time into marketing if you want to - going around the net and spreading word of your great new item - but you’ll find your time will be better spent on making new items instead.

I agree 100% with you mate. Going to release more apps soon. Thanks for good tips.

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