Hey Creative People, I need your design input on my Photography Theme. Please critcise

Some initial reviewer said my theme has issues with Typography, and visual Hierarchy etc However I wanted professional eyes on it. Thanks in advance

Hi vineyardthemes -
From a web designers prespective here are my thoughts - just some brief comments -
Olive Love - The font is difficult on the eye. It’s too small on a PC monitor so I wonder what it would look like on phones. Swap Roboto for Open Sans, or play around with the fonts. See screenshot. And make the font size bigger.
The page also looks bland and uninspiring

Suzanne Claire - looks better on font, but I think the nav should be at the top. It took me few moments to even realise it was down the bottom of the screen, and that’s an unusual placement.

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Your tips inspire me, tell me are you making black and white photo? It seems to me interesting this direction of professional photography.