Hey can someone help me with this logo ( hard rejected )

I tried to improve my design recently and tried to make it more consistent. But I think it’s not enough. Can anyone point out what’s wrong?

I think the Logo is nice. But the Font is a bit much. The double D is very overbearing. Maybe you wanna try another font ?

i agree with you i should have tried multiple fonts before submitting.

hi there , sorry to tell u just this but there are so many reasons that this even a bit hard to get to know what to start with …
1- global style
this is really outdated and there is nothing to do with trendy styles of nowadays using much the pathfinder and shapes being withdrawn from others or, on the other hand, this is not enough simple , classy and kind of timeless , the transpiring sort of a luxury feeling
2- details
there are too many small details here and this is not done as here they are considering the logo in small size, which basically means that details are rather likely to appear as "crushed " and this usually impact the aesthetic negatively and same goes with people feelings with concerned logos
3- hierarchy
i do not know if u can figure this out, but what u have here is super flat, there is no primary and secondary element, only one level and the colors does not help to value the item and preview
, this is pretty dull of what u have here , nothing outstanding
4- contrast
u are not violating this basic design principle but the bottom line is that u are on the verge of doing it, there is a real issue as regard to have thing popping out, being valued and approving as outstanding, not to mention colors being so very dark
5- coherence
colors like this seem really not matching with the theme that u have chosen , which is supposed to evoke joy, happiness, bright times
6- typo
there is sort of a coherence in what u have done about it, though, honestly , when u put 2 on 2 together this is really looking really old a logo in th end … not to mention that the logo u have chosen is lao not necessarily the most readable one
7- alignment
correct me if i am wrong but to really seems to me that the illustration and the text and not aligned propely and both aligned and flagged in the middle , which is creating some misbalance and breaking the harmony , too
8- tagline
if i were u i would introduce one, this would help to bring some variations, font combinations and originality to the table
9- vertically version
not sure that this is demanded or not , it depends on sources , but maybe having a vertical version added would not hurt anyway

I agree on colors. Maybe a white logo on a simply very dark grey would be more elegant.

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thank you for detailed feedback i went through some threads here of logo rejection and mostly the logos with way too vibrant color got rejected i tried to avoid that. Maybe in effort to balance colors i ended up making it to dull. Is it possible here that i get my logo reviewed here before submitting it? Because you guys just reply within a day but when it comes to review team sometimes it feels like wasting my time here.

lol well i do not see where u have seen this but to be honest i have seen the other way around more likely, in my case … though keep in mind also that styles and colors also depend on themes … but look at this …

in all these cool jobs, colors are way more punchy than in yours and definitely more vibrant , too

yes having our feelings here before , this is possible … though , u will have indications from us and they will not necessarily bee in keeping with what reviewers woudl be thinking , u have to be aware of this indeed

oh i see thank you for helping me out.

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u are welcome :slight_smile: