Hero Header Rejection

I want help, please
I found many rejected. It has been well-reviewed several times and is still rejected
I want an author with experience in (Hero Header Templates) In order to send you one example and guide me on what the reason is or what is lost something.


You are best off posting examples/demos here - then you stand a better chance of feedback from the right people

Here some examples

Any Reply?

Perhaps @DesignSomething @n2n44 @mgscoder @XioxGraphix @unlockdesign could offer advice.

All highly expeirenced and respected authors in the right type of categories


There many headers with similar composition already accepted.


I would like to say try to make the design cleaner and alignment need to be more perfect when you will set different layers. Layers combination need to be a more unique style to present a unique aesthetic design, and don’t follow the common and already existing design style.


Yes @mgscoder

@creative-wp you need make a design more unique and original, elements envato will to be approved your design.

Your can search for give idea your design but you can see other design for inspirations… you don’t copy it.

Good Luck

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Thank you

Thank you to everyone!

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Thank you, Appreciated