Hermes or woocommerce failure? Class starts tomorrow!

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I get errors similar to this crowding the site all over the place. I don’t know what’s causing them or how to resolve them. I’ve got everything updated.

I’ve got essentially our first class starting today and this stuff isn’t resolving. It’s shutting down the site from time to time and I can’t get in.

My programming skill level is between a F- and F. I’m B- to B+ at following instructions…

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This one is common too… it finally let me back in the site.

So did I pay extra for extended support to be allowed to post in the forums to be told to pay extra for bug fixes?

Have you contacted the author of the theme who would be the right/best people help?

So when this occurred, I went to the theme’s forum to get help. A pop-up banner blocked me from seeing the forum and said “you no longer have support for the theme, you can A) extend coverage, B)I already have extended coverage and C)I don’t want to get coverage, I just want to spectate the forum.”

When I clicked on extend coverage, it automatically took me to the Envato website. That website wouldn’t acknowledge my login to the vibetheme website, so I was forced to make a new account and pay for both the theme I already had and support coverage ($84). The new account wasn’t recognized by the vibetheme website, so I still can’t post in the WPLMS forum. When I now click on “I already have extended coverage,” it does nothing.

Still stuck with a website that has problems.

It’s tricky to follow exactly what you have done already but it sounds like you should be entitled to author support.

If your p/codes are not being recognised then you can always contact them directly using the form on their Themeforest profile (bottom right).

there’s not a great deal you will get from these forums as people do not have in-depth knowledge of individual items.

What I’m offering is a paid solution in case of the author or you couldn’t find a solution for the problem

Anyone can post in these forums free of charge. What you paid for is the support of the theme author. This forum is a general forum for any members of themeforest.