Here I am - New Elite :)



2 Years and 3 Months, Around 50 Items, 3000+ Sales - This is My way to this Level.

This was very interesting journey with Ups and Downs, Disappointments and Joy.
But Here I am :slight_smile:

This 2+ years with Envato totally changed my Life: From small production studio I went to Full-time here and it was 100% right decision.

I want say ‘Thanks’ to Envato and Our Great Community! :slight_smile:

Keep on trying and creating new Items and once you will shout from rooftop about your achievements :wink:


Congrats buddy o7


Congrats! What was your biggest challenge on the way?


I think, I had two challenges:

  1. Not to Give up after some first rejections and low sales - This one was Main

  2. To Make a decision to spend lots of time on something new to me - and i can say this decision was worth trying :slight_smile:


Great! I wish you to become power elite soon! :slight_smile:




Congrats :smiley: this is an awesome achievement


Congrats :-).


Great! Congrats! :slight_smile:


Warm Congrats! :slight_smile:


I love hearing a good success story like this. Way to go @DREAMYARD_Visuals, both Will and I are so happy to hear about this achievement. Keep up the great work!


Congratulations :slight_smile:


Congratulations!! :smiley:


Congratulations! :grinning:


Welcome to the club! :slight_smile:


Congrats :tada:


Thanks to all :slight_smile:


Cool! Congratulations!!!


WOW !!! Congrats :slight_smile:


I want say ‘Thanks’ to Envato

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