Here are my next "Hard rejected" delivered.
there are people whose tracks take the “one for one” despite the poor quality and low level of sales) Lucky…

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Hi , it’s my turn )
In the first it is obvious that in the development there is dynamic development and monotone .
And the second is beautiful , but the sound quality is not very good , or is it samples or you have saved the project to 8-bit .

  1. the track was created for “background” in the movie scenes or games. Yes this is what I hear in movies very often. 2 what 8 bit?

Regarding the first track, the 0:00 - 0:27 intro sounds too strange for me. It certainly could be a reason for a hard reject. It’s harmonically not esthetic, familiar and simple enough for an average client.

for “Pirates of the Caribbean” that’s fine, but for you it is “just”.

This rendition of Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” has a completely different feel to it compared to the intro I wrote about in your first track. I’m not sure how you see similarities there. That accordion-like sound is way too loud and distracting in your intro.

I really like the first one. Could use a better mix. the problem is that you have to find the sweet spot between a track that does nothing and a track that does something throughout without getting tagged for being to busy.

This track I did especially for the episode where the desired atmosphere, but at the same time there is a dialogue. for example like I heard in the scenes in the movie “World of Warcraft” or you think I’m from the sky take?

Yeah… I think you’re from the sky take. Whatever that means :smiley:

Google translate still has a lot of improvement to do.

Learn to take criticism without taking it personally. There’s no point in asking people’s opinions if you’re just going to disagree and try to prove that your tracks are perfect. I like the part after the intro of your first track by the way, but pointed out what I thought was strange and unsuitable for AJ.

"I take ideas from heaven"
For me it is important opinion and advice. Thank you… All will be solved soon.

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No 2 have to hard mid an lack of warmth.


The second track i can’t comment on as it is not really my style, the mix could be better though.
The first track is just too monotone with some strange bassline choices. But what stands out the most is lack of dynamics.
It’s just flat and a bit boring i am sorry to say.
Make it more dynamic with risers and try to use the dynamics in the instruments… the drums just stays the same the entire song… try and add percussion that build up to something. From a video editor’s perspective it will need up’s and downs, much more tension, danger, and epic dynamics.


I love the second track, is a future bass composition? I’m not skilled on this genre, but it sounds very powerful and nice, great work! :blush:

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Thank you.

i quite like the first one. i agree that the intro is kinda strange but nontheless… i would work more on the mix, mainly loudness balance and a little EQ to brighten some things up but it’s still a very decent track to my eyers. karoche, molodec tyoska, prodolzhaj rabotatj i vse poluchitsja! =)

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