Hep For First Time Upload & Getting Hard Rejection


Hello, I am new in envato. For the first time, I uploaded this business card and get rejected. I wish to get help to find out why is this rejected? Thank you.


have you read requirements of Graphics river ?


Thank you @DaatCreations. I read requirements of graphic river. May the problem is with licensing. Envato accepts public domain license. I use image from pixabay and they provide Public Domain under Creative Commons CC0 license. So, I think there is no problem with licensing. One more problem I noticed is screenshot image having more width than 590 pixel. But I don’t exactly know is it a problem or not. Thank you once again. Waiting for your reply.


hi for me the problem is that the two sides have nothing to do with each other indeed , they seem to be from two different creations indeed and people are looking for an harmony and at least to have a reminder from side to the other, in your case at this stage u only have the logo as a reminder which is a bit too small a part to create the required harmony …

u shoudl bring a piece of this colorful artwork from side one to the flat red side and u will see this is probably likely to be approved …

i also assume that they probably expect a more elaborated combination of typos and titles to spring out a little bit more

u have a really good base to work with when u fix these things no doubt that u are going to make it :slight_smile:


Thank you vary much @n2n44. I was exactly waiting for this kind of answer. I was confuse that is there any technical problem or the problem is in design itself. Thank you a lot man… :slight_smile: