Helppppp - logo submission rejected

Hello need helpppppp
[GraphicRiver] Your uploaded item Logo V king needs improvement

Post your soft-rejection issue expert people will help you

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I made all the modifications

  1. To qualify as a Logo Template, the design must incorporate an editable text element.

  2. The vector file you submitted was not saved as EPSversion 10 format. GraphicRiver requires files for the Logo Templates category to be provided in EPS v.10 format, for maximum compatibility across platforms and users. Authors can provide additional file formats if desired, but your submission must include an EPS10 file.

  3. Your item does not document fonts used. Non-standard fonts should always be documented in the item description – with a link – AND inside a help file within your main .zip file.

  4. Logo Template files must be submitted in CMYK color space, for accurate color reproduction when printing. Please submit in CMYK.

you did not post an image of the actual graphic?

I would like to see a demo of your project

With respect, thank you!