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how can I check the notes of a soft reject ? please must send !!!

So you have soft-rejected item and you want to know what you need to fix? If so, while you’re logged into your account, go to your profile page, then click the Hidden Items tab, you should find your item there.

Thank you, have no list in tab hidden item. I received this email, do not know if the item was rejected hard or soft .
Hi viewnow,
Here is a sample of your items reviewed for the day.
The reviewer has left you some notes about your soft-rejected items. Make sure you look into and action them before resubmitting.
You can find the full list of your soft-rejected items on the “Hidden items” section on
Hard rejected (1)
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thank you again
Samira Avelar

This email indicates that your submission “Avelar” was hard rejected. Is that what you submitted? As this email is just a digest of your submissions that have recently been reviewed, there should be another email (check your spam folder if you cannot find it) that tells whether your submission was hard/soft rejected or approved.

is that the new form of email that people receive ? because if so they are not only too long but also very hard to understand and very far from being clear to say the least