Hello everybody )))
I’m new here !!!
please tell your opinion about the track !!! is everything all right?

Hello! Too midi and pan disbalanced to right.
As for me.


I don’t really know what it is supposed to be. It has comedy / kids vibes but it tries to sound like a summer / pop track. For me the vibe is not clear. its confusing.

You need more separation and definition in the the low end. Sounds weak and muddy to me. I bet for rejection.

Keep doing more and more and better and more music, don’t worry about rejection and don’t put all your hopes in one track.

Compose, upload, forget, repeat.

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Hi @PrestoAlex, this track is on the right direction, but it doesn’t make me think of a particular mood. If I were a buyer, I would struggle to place this in a piece of media easily. I would go towards the summer/pop vibe like @MarscottMusic suggests, with a simplified structure and only one or two strong melodic ideas. My advice is to push the guitar lines up. 0:26 seconds has an really interesting vibe to it. I would explore that as the central theme. The kick and snare are quite dominating too as far as the mix goes. Good luck!