help !!!! Your item, Travlel Youtuber, has been rejected

This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.

Can someone please explain to me what is wrong?

I think it isn’t rejected because the track is bad. It is that it generally does not fit the genre standards of the market. Try looking up AudioJungle and see what kinds of tracks get accepted to get an idea what style to aim for. Good Luck! :slight_smile:

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I would guess:

  • The intro, the sidechain ducking, the way the tension is still building up & up at the 00:40 stage, new sounds are being added even after then, it sounds like it’s an actual commercial dance track (even though l dislike that style of music l can see it’s a decent track for the genre).

  • Therefore maybe it’s not what they want? Maybe they want something more petite in design l guess, whereas yours has a more grand design?

  • The stone dead silent gaps seem a bit odd to me, l would expect at least some light reverb there.

That said, these aren’t problems for me, l’d give it a pass if l were judging. They say we should listen to what’s already out there to judge what they want to hear, but l’d rather just know the reasons from the judges themselves, call me unorthodox!

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Thank you very much for the answers. I’ll learn from that for the future.
Good luck to everyone! :wink:

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the change at 30 seconds isnt so smooth.

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i dont think this is the problem but tnx!

You have a problem with harmony. Entry one, overclocking another. Control the bottom of the sub, such a feeling that he leads a solo in the track.

Hi there l’m trying to learn music criticism so even though it’s not my track please may l ask what this means: “a problem with harmony. Entry one, overclocking another.”

Also, regarding sub leading the track: I think for this track, the sub was meant to act also as the lead? Seems like a spin off of the “Bassline” genre - in which the bass is most definitely also the lead, with traditional lead sounds becoming accompaniment, and there being no other accompaniment, just vocals.

It’s the full song with the voice.
I did this so that it would not limit the buyers.
As for harmony - I also did not understand what it was about but thank you all for the comments. You have been very helpful !!!

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Harmony, moreover, to begin with A minor and go to F Major without explanation is not correct. In the chorus there should be a development, and you will have everything in semitones. wrong track structure

Answered below

First of all thank you for the lesson I’d love to know what part of it is because I know the song well I did not feel that something was wrong. As for any interest in the theory it is in the end music to me anyway it sounds good and without a problem but really i would love to think about which piece you spoke may be missed …

You asked I answered. Reconsider the track.

great, thanks

Wow! Are you “Master G”? [Edit: oh yeah you actually said that in the OP] You’re famous?

That is a good track, l’d never have guessed at that from the stripped down version in the OP. Love the Anatolian / Balkan reed pipe sound.

The change at 2:21 seems a bit odd, as does the final trumpet sound. Maybe some kind of Balkan Turkish Ladino scene? Hispano-Balkan fusion.

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Thanks for the explanation, when you say it like that it makes sense, but l think what he does is show you the beginning (A min), then the end (F maj) then the middle (going from F maj to A min), so it’s like messing with the traditional order of things (start, end, then middle), but to me it sounds legit and clean nonetheless. Probably rejected for being too song-y rather than snippet-y.

It is not possible with A-minor in F major, music dissonance is obtained, there must be a deflection of chords, then the whole melody will be filled with harmony. And so it all sounds in semitones. My business is to tell you what you want

This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle.

Can someone please explain to me what is wrong?

Very bad mixing. Review the track

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I might not be hearing it properly as l’m listening on £20 Pioneer SE-M531 headphones (which are upper tier in my price range) plus l’m partially deaf but l don’t know about the mixing - l just feel the drums sound in another league to the orchestra sounds. I’m not sure why.

The drums sound like drum machine sounds. I personally think they are top notch sounds for dance music.

However, they just don’t sit with the orchestra sounds. It feels like the drum machine is on the viewing balcony next to the listener, whilst the orchestra plays about 100 metres away diagonally down, on the stage.

If that is a problem of mixing then l agree with LapAudioZ.

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