Help yo choose plugins

Hello i need to make a system with this features, can you help me to choose an app or wordpress plugins.
Thanks you

  • Group management

  • Ability to add calendars in different groups

  • Show who was the creator of the calendars

  • Management of files, videos, documents, images, pdfs

  • If it is possible to restrict file types and upload size, for example: video that is only mp4 and maximum size 3 megabytes.

  • Possibility of organizing documents for example:
    Folder 2021 → folder B → science

  • Name of the person who created the folder

  • possibility of upload the files to amazon s3 or similar

  • Search and filtered files

This application would be focused on an office work team in which the management of files, news and calendars would help them.

  • Automatic logout after x minutes.

There must be many purpose built solutions to this that exist, can be subscribed to, and would be a far far better, easier and more secure answer than trying to hack your own solution together?

Sorry i dont undertand your reply,suscribed ?what do you mean? Can you link me any solution ?
Thanks you so much