help! working in a seamless game background


I am currently working in this seamless background, but when I check the fusion of all the files it shows me that in the left side of all the pictures the space is not filled, and I have checked the source files closely and all the things are aligned correctly. I hope you understand what I mean. Attached is a screenshot.

thanks for your help

There’s one pixel empty space. Just remove it.

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thank you for your answer. But the pixel is in the jpg, I have checked the illustrator file and everything is fine, and I want to avoid that when the person exports the vector file.

Vector pixels are anti-aliased when converted to raster graphics (jpeg,png similar), therefor your 1px line appears as a semi opaque line at the edge of your illustration.

The best would be to crop it in the Photoshop or similar software. So, just crop out that 1px of empty space.

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thanks for your help! I didnt know this.
But I want to sell this atwork in vector, what I can do if the buyer complains about this?

If you want to sell it as vector, then it wouldn’t make any difference, just make sure, if you have raster files included to make them proper.

There’s a quick fix, you can set the background color of the jpeg (document) when exporting vectors from your software. This way, it’ll not be white and it’ll not be seen that much, but still, the best possible solution would be to export it in +2px horizontal and vertical and then crop out the 1px border everywhere. That would give you the best raster result.

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thank you so much! of course I will include that file

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