Help with woocommerce site and bulk photo upload extension?

Hi there and thanks for your time.

Firstly, just so I don’t get the usual " contact the developer" comment :slight_smile:
I have sent 4 emails and numerous forum posts to the plugin developer and it seems they are unwilling or unable to assist me, I really need to move forward with my project so I thought to try my luck here for a solution.

I have a woocommerce theme ( ) it is a great theme and I have a bulk photo upload plugin ( ) both running perfectly, the plugin functions as it should however I need a small change to how it presents variables.

Heres my problem, it may get a little vague but here goes :slight_smile:

The plugin allows for bulk image upload, you can select/create a category and password protect that category (it really is a great extension and I purchased the premium version) and you can select multiple images that the extension turns into products for you, however it displays the variables in a list and I have too many variables for a list, what I am trying to achieve is TWO sets of variables - SIZE and PRINT MEDIUM each displayed in a drop down menu.

I can create a product manually in woocommerce and display two sets of variables via drop down menus no problem, I can even edit products after the plugin has generated them and display the two variables drop-down menus. But this is a lot of additional work I am trying to avoid with the plugin.

I would like someone that can make changes to the extension (if it is possible) to display firstly; TWO variables options (SIZE and PRINT MEDIUM) and secondly; have the variables displayed as TWO drop-down menus instead of a list.

So I need:

  1. Bulk upload, Category creation, password protected (all this I have with the existing plugin)
  2. I need TWO variables fields SIZE & PRINT MEDIUM and these need to be drop-down menus due to large selections (this is my only hurdle).

I need to pay a professional to do this, If you think you may be able to help please respond here or to it is driving me mad as I have a 95% useable project but I am stopped by two lousy variable drop down menus.


Unfortunately I don’t think I will find a solution at present, I will need to wait.