Help with transferring licenses


I sold a website. The theme license and some plugin licenses are in my account. How can I transfer the licenses to them without giving them my whole account?

How do I do this? (from the help doc posted below)

According to this help doc it says:

“In all of these cases, be sure to point the client / customer / recipient to the license terms and delete the item from your own systems.”

License FAQ | CodeCanyon.

Whilst you might be able to “transfer the licence” the customer (YOUR CUSTOMER) will not be entitled to updates and on-going support. It is YOU as the purchaser that gets the support and updates of any given theme.

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Thank you for letting me know. Moving forward I will have to create a new account for each website in case I sell that website.

Just get your clients to buy the item themselves - that way everything is in their name/details if you part ways


In this instance, it wasn’t a client. I started the business 11 years ago and recently sold it to someone I just met 6 months ago.