Help with track title

Hi friends. Please help me with the title and genre of the track. I wrote it as a “positive background” without any reference to genres. But then I was told that this is the 80s and much more. As a result, I already doubt it myself. I would like not to be mistaken with the choice of the name and genre, so that the track does not drown in the abyss of AJ without finding its buyer. Thanks in advance to everyone who takes the time to advise.

Okay, the 80’s reference comes probably from the used e-piano sounds, which are very famous and often used in that era. Also the woodblock with the long reverb reminds me on 80’s ballads.
In my opinion - don’t get me wrong - I expect from a “positive background” something other - which makes transports a good vibe and is a bit motivating. Your song is not sad, is not demotivationg…you know what I mean. i would describe it as calming and is mor a ballad style. By the way, i really like it but I would a bit tweak the low end, there is too much in my opinion.
Your song put me to the time of Miami Vice to the calming and tragic scenes, when Sonny Crocket and Rico Tubbs have succesful finished a case, the drug dealer was killed and maybe one of the police team members and both are sitting on Crocket’s boat and have a can of beer :smiley:

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Thanks for your advice! All the same 80 …
Judging by your recommendation, the track may be called “calming ballad 80s”.
I will definitely correct the balance of frequencies during the final mixing. Thank you!
Apparently the influence of music from the 80s for musicians of my age in the firmware. If you write something from the heart, you get the 80s.