Help with Soft Rejection

Hi guys,

I’ve had an item sent back to me twice now with a note that says my preview file has a black border around it.

There is a black border around the preview video file. Please remove the border and make sure the video fills the screen.

Trouble is, I can’t detect any black border around the video. Dimensions are 940 x 540, H.264 MP4 file. 29.97.

I did recreate the file after the first rejection just in case.

You can see the preview on vimeo below and screen caps are attached.


Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Hi MissionC,

Do you have Adobe After Effects ? IF yes or other software, add a white solid behind your project and and see if you have no image loss or a bad crop.

Thanks for responding.

Yep, the first thing I tried was making a new solid in my favorite shade a pink and putting it under the file :slight_smile:

We deliver for broadcast pretty much every week and I’ve never had this issue. Any other ideas? I just can’t figure out what they’re seeing. Some kind of aspect ratio bar in their video player perhaps?

can you post a screenshot of file properties? resolution, aspect ratio etc

Here you go. Thanks in advance for your help!

940x540?))) it must be 960x540 =)

we are idiots))) :laughing::joy:


WOW. The worst part is I did this TWICE.

Haha, thanks for your help!