Help with Soft Rejected !

I submitted an item but it was soft rejected by this reason
" Please remove the image/s of celebrities from your preview image. A photo of a ‘celebrity’ (anyone who relies on their image to make a living, including actors, musicians, and sportspeople). "
is there any one can explain this ??
this is the preview image :

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What to explain? Just remove any photos of celebrities which you included in the preview image. It would be easier if you posted some preview of your item.

I can’t understand what do they mean by celebrities>>
that is the preview image

I see Taylor Swift and Ryan Gosling in the round avatars on purple background :smiley: these are celebrities and you should replace their images with some stock photos for example.

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this is the kind content we desperately need in the forum area lol :smiley:


remove the celebritys pictures !! Faces in your design ! replace them by other avatars !