Help with selecting the best category for this new track...


Hello to all the other composers out there! Being brand new to AudioJungle I’m just about to upload my first tracks.

There is one track that could be considered equally appropriate for two different categories:

  • Cinematic > Romantic, Sentimental

  • Acoustic, Folk

I’m leaning towards Cinematic > Romantic, Sentimental because it has a very warm, gentle and sentimental quality, whereas many of the tracks in “Acoustic, Folk” have a faster tempo and more pronounced beat to them. This track is comprised of 3 acoustic guitar parts. It also has a synthesized vox part significantly in the background, but it is clearly acoustic instrument-based.

Does it matter which of these 2 categories I select? If I submit the track to Cinematic > Romantic, Sentimental but the review team thinks it’s more appropriate for Acoustic, Folk then would they simply move it to that category and approve it there? Just curious to know how the submission/review process works when a track could easily be a fit for two different genres.

For almost every other track, the most appropriate category is obvious.

Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide…


Hi @RichvaleMusic If you upload track to soundcloud and share link here, people and I will listen your track and answer the questions. Because we, personally I, can’t help you without music. Waiting your track :slight_smile:


Thanks AliveSound. I’m just waiting for my AdRev account to be approved. Next, I will upload the tracks there for ContentID, and then to SoundCloud and AudioJungle. I’ll reply back here to let you know when this track is on SoundCloud so you can hear it. I appreciate you being willing to offer feedback :slight_smile: