Help with school work - Questionnaire about Stock Content Websites

Hi there, I am a high-school student with interest in graphic design/photography and the subject of my school assignment are stock content websites. I am looking for insights about how these websites are used, if paid or free websites are preferred, what are their strengths/weaknesses, etc. Your help would be really appreciated! Thank you very much in advance!

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I’ve filled in your survey. One important thing for me, that might help you… it’s very rare I use free assets in projects for my clients. If I’m getting paid to create a video then it’s my responsibility to do everything within my power to ensure the client won’t run into any issues further down the line. So when you use free sites, often it’s hard to know if the site giving away the asset actually has the right to give away the asset. And without a proper receipt and/or license, I have no way to prove where I got the asset from if the item is removed… so if the author removes it from a free site and puts it on a paid site, how can I prove I downloaded the free version and not some dodgy copy of the paid version?

Maybe I’m over-thinking it… but if I’m doing paid work for clients then I’d much rather pay for it, get a purchase code/license, and then store that in the clients folder.

That’s an interesting topic. I’ll mention this to other members of our team so they can fill out the survey.

If it’s possible/allowed, would you be willing to share the data you get out of the survey? That would be really interesting.

Hi there, thank you for your reply. I would be grateful for any help with the questionnnaire. I am still putting together the info as well as doing some quality research (i take the survey as quantitiy research :slightly_smiling: When I have it all together, I will share some insights with you. have a nice day!

Hi there, thank you very much for your input. I definitely understand your point and it makes prefect sense to me. I came across similar insights during my survey as well. In case you could share my survey also with your colleagues, I would be very thankful! have a nice day, j