HELP WITH SAILING HOTEL doesnt work as it should

hi ive bougt today sailing but im installing and it needs alot of stuff that they offer the demo importer never apears and i install the demo and it doesnt look as it shows also what it shows i try to change the booking to spanish and it doesnt let me,
i think they gave me the wrong stuff to download i download both and none of them work as it have to
please help!!!

@ThimPress will help you!

ill post some pictures as i told you in the apereance in personalize it doesnt show me all what they say it have
and also ive activate all plugins that comes in that stuff and doesnt work and i change my idiom to spanish and doeesnt let meeee i reset like 2 times i thought it was something wrong with wp but ive check my other pages and they are fine please help and demo importer doesnt apears!!!
i think you put in the download stuff something bad

Have you read the documentation with the theme?

Otherwise for theme specific support you should talk to the theme author

Hi @luizmtx,

Seems like you’ve skipped some parts in the documentations. Let us help you:


Tung @ ThimPress

thanks for not respose and any one to take care of my problem i had to canceled my theme because it doesnt work
you have a bad helping stuff and you gave bad the archives
so dissapoint in this i hope you gave me back my money