Help with rejection

could anyone tell the rejection reason of this track please?
In advance very grateful !:

Hey! I think the melodies and overall theme of the track are great! But I think there are some issues that could have led to a rejection.

I think the largest problem is the main guitar line. It is very repetitive, upfront, and sounds artificial.

Other than that, I think just changing the song around a bit more, adding some other sections or changes would really make it awesome.

The part at the end with the vocals is really nice and I think the best part of the track. Maybe use it a couple times as a sort of ‘chorus’, but in between some other sections where things are changing more. Dynamically it all feels one volume, even just playing with that would help a lot.

Just my personal opinion so take everything with a grain of salt. I wish you the best of luck!

Thanks for your advice, it is a good point to start working on.
Excluding the main guitar, did you think there are some mix/mastering issues ?

thanks mate