Help with reject pls! Christmas is coming, the window is closing!

Hi to all!! I have this track for christmas with some reject causing issues. It would be very very very very cool if you could take a look and give me some advise. The window before the christmas is closing and I really want to be able to submit this track again. Thanks very much) my first christmas track so I’m not surprised about the reject… waiting to hear from everyone)

this is like extra important. tnx again!

Hi! Sound wise it sounds OK to me.
I can highlight two points which are possible rejection causes:

  • Not much is happening throughout the song, so it would work better if it was shorter.
  • The ending is pretty strange, it might sound better if there was a proper ending chord that could ring out.

Extra: maybe some orchestral percussion (timpani for example) would improve the track, but that’s a minor comment, doesn’t have to do much with commercial value, it’s just my taste.


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Hi, i think the idea is good, but you should make shorter and less linear. For example, make a part with less instruments, then restart with all . And stretch a bit the end. Good luck!


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It’s very repetitive and long, also the sounds are all a big wash of reverb and echo and are all on top of each other. It feels cluttered and messy. It might be better to let this one go and focus on the post-Xmas season. I don’t think there is any easy fix for this to be approved.

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thank you all for good points! I’m gonna work on it

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Well, I think you should learn some more orchestration, as well as practice orchestral mixing, everythings sounds now parallel and in different spaces, not together.
The idea is nice, still it needs to be developed and wrapped properly. Don’t be upset, keep working!

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tnx for a good point on spaces. I tried to correct that

Hey, guys, I tried to use your comments and improve the track. this is what I have at the moment

my ears are dead to this track at the moment and unfortunately I cant just put it somewhere and come back later, cause it’s gonna bee too late. so I try to rely on yours)


I think the mix lacks depth and modulation after 1:20 is not necessary. Let’s try to add more tools and work with plans.

The ending still sounds muffled.
Use the flute (?) that plays the melody to brighten up the ending chord, but find the perfect velocity to make it sound natural. Maybe you could also add some higher notes on the piano to the ending, but very carefully and softly.
Good luck!